The Belly Spar - Design and Verification of an Ultradeepwater Solution

Loken, Rolf (Aker Solutions) | Laukeland, Lars (Aker Solutions) | Hannus, Henrik (Aker Solutions)


The Spar platform has developed into a well functioning solution for Gulf ofMexico environment. Considering use of this solution in the North Atlantic, themetocean conditions differ by long period swell and fatigue induced by normaloperational seas.

In order to meet these challenges, it is desirable to consider a classic Sparthat is more fatigue redundant than a truss, but the swell requires highnatural periods, to avoid parametric heave-pitch resonance.

A new version of the Spar in response to these requirements is the Belly Spar.It can be considered as a classic Spar with a Belly; starting below the wavesurface and extending down to the hard tank depth. A concrete Spar concept withreduced waterline diameter has also been developed by Aker Solutions for arcticapplication. This concept had the dual benefit of increasing the natural periodin heave as well as reducing the ice load from sea ice

The concept has been developed for a field in the Norwegian Sea, in water depthof 1,200m (4,000ft). The hydrodynamic analyses show excellent performance,however contain assumptions on damping. The design has been by model testing ofthe design in wave and current combination representing 10,000yr events, asshown by results and correlations in the paper.

The design opens up new areas for the Spar platform, with good motions that canaccommodate steel catenary and top tensioned risers. As for previous Sparconcepts, the application is in deepwater and ultradeepwater.