3D high-resolution seismic characterization of deep offshore Niger Delta Basin: What’s new!

Anyiam, Uzonna (Oklahoma State University) | Uzuegbu, Emmanuel (Schlumberger) | Igbokwe, Smart (Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company)


In the Freeman Field, located about 120km offshore southwestern Niger Delta at about 1300m water depth, 3D seismic attribute-based analogs, and structural and stratigraphic based geometric models are combined to help enhance and constrain interpretation. The objective of this research was to aid in the prospecting of Miocene to Pliocene Agbada Formation reservoirs in the deep offshore Niger Delta Basin. Multidisciplinary approaches – analysis of root-mean-square amplitude attribute, iterative integrated seismic interpretation and structural modeling, were employed in this study. Results reveal a massive northwest-southeast trending shale-cored detachment fold anticline containing numerous associated normal faults. This structure is interpreted to have been deformed by differential loading of the undercompacted, overpressured, and ductile Akata shale during syndepositional gravitational collapse of the Niger Delta slope. Crestal extension in the anticline resulted in a complex array of synthetic and antithetic normal faults, which include crossing-conjugate pairs. These conjugate structures could significantly affect permeability and reservoir performance. Crossing-conjugate faults have not previously been recognized in the Niger Delta, and similar structures may be present in other hydrocarbon-trapping structures in the basin. Also, the Miocene to Pliocene Agbada Formation reservoirs occur as part of a channelized fan system, mostly deposited as turbidites in an unconfined distributary environment, except one reservoir sand that occurs as channel sand within a submarine canyon that came across and eroded a previously deposited distributary fan complex, suggesting likely presence of prospective areas for hydrocarbon exploration southwest of the Freeman Field.

Presentation Date: Thursday, October 18, 2018

Start Time: 8:30:00 AM

Location: 210A (Anaheim Convention Center)

Presentation Type: Oral