Pre-Salt Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in the Kwanza and Benguela Basins of Offshore Angola

Greenhalgh, Jennifer (Petroleum Geo-Services) | Borsato, Ron (Petroleum Geo-Services) | Mathew, Frances (Petroleum Geo-Services) | Duncan-Jones, George (Petroleum Geo-Services) | Primenta, Idima (Sonangol) | da Silva, Jandira Marques (Sonangol) | da Silva, Luis Narciso (Geotec)


Summary The frontier offshore basins of Angola hold tremendous potential for hydrocarbons in the Pre-Salt section. The Angolan basins have similarities with the Pre-Salt of the Brazilian margin which abutted the Angola offshore area prior to opening of the South Atlantic. Traps were formed during rift phases and include horsts and tilted fault blocks. Depth-migrated dual-sensor streamer seismic improves the imaging of syn-rift structures, which now allows the identification and mapping of prospects in underexplored acreage. Analyses of oils from both sides of the Atlantic indicate similar source rocks, and seismic data show analogous structures.