Remote Field Control and Support Strategy - Umbilicals versus Control Buoys

Christiansen, P.E. (INTEC Engineering) | McKay, S.A. (INTEC Engineering) | Mullen, K. (INTEC Engineering) | Upston, L.R. (INTEC Engineering)


This paper addresses the latest developments in remote field control strategy and focuses on long distance umbilical control versus the use of a control buoy located over the field. The paper provides an insight into both the technology and also the commercial key drivers for the selection of control strategy.

The historical development of umbilicals and control buoys is summarised. The relevant technologies are described, covering aspects such as buoy design, telecommunication options, onboard power, fluid storage and injection capabilities, operational issues including access and maintenance, and opportunities for workover activities. The discussion is supported by case examples drawn from a number of fields around Australia.