Integrated 3D Modelling in a Structurally Complex Brown Field: A Foundation for Improved Reservoir Management and Optimisation of Further Development

Sonde, Adenike (SPDC Warri) | Omobude, Osemoahu (SPDC Warri) | Chudi, Obinna (SPDC Warri) | Oghene, Ufuoma (SPDC Warri) | Coker, Trudy (SPDC Warri)


In recent years, numerical reservoir simulation (3-dimensional modelling) has become a very useful optimisation tool, not just for field development planning but also for ongoing reservoir management. Although several analytical methods (such as material balance equations, Buckley-Leverett displacement theory etc) are used as computationally fast and inexpensive tools, they have been recognised as being incapable of capturing the details and complexity of certain reservoirs and processes.


The field presented in this paper is one of the biggest oil fields in the Niger Delta, with an estimated oil in place of over 2.5 billion barrels and cumulative oil production close to 1 billion barrels. About half of this volume and production come from a single reservoir, which is densely faulted. The large number of intra-reservoir faults and the relatively high offtake rates have inhibited the activity of the otherwise strong aquifer and resulted in the high pressure decline observed in this reservoir. Consequently, a lot of the wells quit at relatively low water cuts of 40-50%, with the reservoir pressure being insufficient to lift the crude to surface at higher water cuts.


One of the recommendations of the FDP Update was to increase oil recovery through fieldwide installation of gaslift. However, to quantify the gains of gaslifting and optimize oil recovery through effective reservoir management, an integrated detailed 3D model was required due to the structural complexity of the reservoir. This paper presents the workflow used in constructing, initializing and history-matching the 3D reservoir model; and how the history-matched model was used to assess different development scenarios for improving recovery from this large mature reservoir.