Cracking the Cline: A New Shale Play Develops in the Permian Basin

Jacobs, Trent (JPT Technology Writer)


Trent Jacobs, JPT Technology Writer Early in its development, the Cline shale was hyped as the next Eagle Ford or Bakken with more oil and gas than they have combined. The lofty projections of the Cline shale's potential, located in west Texas on the eastern side of the Permian Basin, were extrapolated from information presented by Devon Energy to financial analysts in April 2012. At that time, the company's data regarding the emerging play suggested the possi bility that as much as 3.6 billion BOE lie trapped within Devon's 500,000 acres of Cline shale. Analysts looking for North Ameri ca's next major unconventional resource then calculated that the entire forma tion, roughly 140 miles long and 70 miles wide, held between 30 and 35 billion BOE, which would make it one of the largest discoveries in the world. That hasty estimate did not take into account how much of the potentially mammoth resource could be economically recoverable.