Detailed Simulation of Interference Between Clump Weight and Subsea Pipelines

Lyngsaunet, Odd Martin (IKM Ocean Design) | Foss, Pål (IKM Ocean Design) | Sævik, Svein (NTNU)


Bottom trawling activities can potentially influence pipeline design substantially. In order to evaluate the conservatism imposed by current standards, such as DNV-RP-F111, it is of interest to further study the interaction between trawl gear and pipelines. This paper presents results from simulating the pullover interaction that takes place when clump weights interfere with subsea pipelines. The nonlinear finite element software SIMLA has been utilized for the simulations. MARINTEK performed model tests for clump weight interference with pipelines on behalf of Statoil for the Kristin field development in 2004. These model tests have been replicated in a full scale SIMLA model, and numerical results are compared with the experimental ones. In addition to simulations of these idealized model test setups, simulations have also been performed for a realistic example flowline both in free span and resting on seabed.