Planning for Success: The Tridacna 3D Seismic Survey, Scott Reef, Western Australia – 3D Ocean Bottom Cable Seismic Acquisition in a Sensitive And Remote Offshore Environment.

Weiss, Ralph (Woodside Energy Limited) | Fitzpatrick, Jeremy (Woodside Energy Limited) | Taylor, Mark (Woodside Energy Limited)


Summary In late 2011 Woodside Energy Ltd (Woodside), as operator of the proposed Browse LNG Development, acquired the Tridacna 3D Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) seismic survey (Tridacna survey) over north Scott Reef. The remote offshore location, environmental sensitivity, tidally-emergent reef crests and a semi-diurnal macro-tidal setting imposed significant operational limitations at Scott Reef. The ocean bottom cable technique was selected as the most appropriate technological solution for 3D seismic acquisition in this setting. The survey design incorporated the technical requirements for the acquisition of good-quality seismic data necessary for reservoir imaging whilst cognisant of the operational realities associated with contractor and equipment availability, a shallow restricted marine survey location, complex environmental approval conditions and cost/timing considerations. The survey operations comprised a wide range of activities, operational restrictions and personnel not normally part of conventional offshore towed streamer seismic surveys, and required highly-detailed operational planning.

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