Motorway Structures Reinforced with Geosynthetic Materials in Polar Regions of Russia

Kudriavtcev, Sergei (Far Eastern State Transport University) | Berestianyi, Iurii (Far Eastern State Transport University) | Goncharova, Elena (Far Eastern State Transport University) | Valtseva, Tatyana (Far Eastern State Transport University) | Mihailin, Roman (Far Eastern State Transport University)


Abstract The paper presents a research of reinforcement in the body of road. The research was done for two reinforcement variants on soft soils using geomaterials. The first design makes it possible to construct the body of road directly on soft soil using several layers of geogrid in soils of the base. The second design on soft soils projects sharp inclines reinforced with a geogrid. The proposed designs of the body of road reinforced with geogrids contribute to fast and efficient construction of road structures in adverse geotechnical conditions.

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