Cathodic Corrosion Protection With Thermally Sprayed Zinc for Steel in Maritime Conditions and Off-Shore Structures

Prenger, Frank (Grillo-Werke AG) | Hof, Stefan (Grillo-Werke AG)


Frank Prenger Grillo-Werke AG Weseler Straße 1 47169 Duisburg Germany Stefan Hof Grillo-Werke AG Weseler Straße 1 47169 Duisburg Germany ABSTRACT Thermal spraying of zinc and zinc alloys is a well-established process which is used for longtime corrosion protection of steel structures in maritime surrounding conditions and for offshore structures since decades. The paper summarizes the actual arguments to use longtime cathodic corrosion protection with thermally sprayed zinc and zinc based alloys in different types of surrounding conditions based on detailed laboratory tests, results of long time field tests as well as the monitoring of metalized steel structures in different countries. The presentation represents best technical and economic performance and a lifetime more than 30 years for thermal spraying with zinc-aluminium 15 for buildings in marine conditions. In addition it reports about modern process technology, which allows the application of thermal spraying with zinc in factory and at site for new steel structures and for repair work with high quality and near tolerances. Key words: Cathodic Corrosion Protection, thermal spraying, Arc-Spraying, zinc, zinc-aluminium alloys, ZnAl15 INTRODUCTION While wind turbines on land are depending on their location often accessible for repairs, choosing a suitable corrosion-protection system for offshore turbines represents a major challenge. Requests for permission to publish this manuscript in any form, in part or in whole, must be in writing to NACE International, Publications Division, 15835 Park Ten Place, Houston, Texas 77084. The material presented and the views expressed in this paper are solely those of the author(s) and are not necessarily endorsed by the Association. The cost of applying the first coating in the plant is € 15-25/m².