Viscoacoustic wave simulation by lattice Boltzmann method and the relationship between relaxation factor and the quality factor

Wang, Shucheng (China University of Petroleum–Beijing) | Xia, Muming (China University of Petroleum–Beijing) | Zhou, Hui (China University of Petroleum–Beijing) | Wang, Ning (China University of Petroleum–Beijing) | Fang, Jinwei (China University of Petroleum–Beijing)


In this paper, lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is employed in forward modeling of seismic P-wave propagation. By choosing different relaxation factors in numerical experiments and using spectrum ratio method, the relationship between the quality factor Q and the parameters of LBM can be revealed. After a brief introduction of the theory and method behind LBM, some numerical experiments are carried out to certify the new scheme through comparison with the reference solution obtained by finite difference method (FDM). The wavefields given by LBM coincide with those by FDM, which demonstrates the feasibility of LBM. In addition, we find the relaxation factor of LBM has some relationship with the quality factor Q.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Start Time: 4:45 PM

Location: 381A

Presentation Type: ORAL