Innovative Technologies and Approaches to Interpreting Logging Data in Horizontal Wells

Shchetinina, N. V. (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center) | Malshakov, A. V. (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center) | Basyrov, M. A. (Rosneft Oil Company) | Zyryanova, I. A. (Rosneft Oil Company) | Ganichev, D. I. (Rosneft Oil Company) | Yatsenko, V. M. (Rosneft Oil Company)



The article addresses the evolution history of interpretation of logging data from horizontal wells in Russia and abroad. Key problems of interpreting logging data are analyzed. It also describes the application of new technologies and approaches that have increased the validity of logging interpretation. The authors substantiate the need to integrate the full spectrum of geological and geophysical information. Further ways to develop approaches are proposed.