Towards a Discontinuous Galerkin Thermohydromechanical Simulator for Heavy Oil Recovery

Meguerdijian, S. (University of Southern California) | Jha, B. (University of Southern California)



Thermohydromechanical effects can have significant impacts on the operations of heavy oil and geothermal fields. This motivates the use of accurate reservoir simulators in field development planning. Previously, simulation using continuous Galerkin methods was examined. However, these methods can experience difficulty in convection-dominated flow problems. Consequently, the discontinuous Galerkin method was considered as an alternative. The discontinuous Galerkin method's literature suggested the need to state a generalized, single-phase thermohydromechanical formulation to clarify previous work. This paper states this generalized formulation and performs a poromechanical benchmark of uniaxial compaction in FEniCS using the discontinuous Galerkin method. Additional work on extension to multiphase flow and the incorporation of thermal effects is needed.