Pressure Transient Behaviour for Alternating Polymer Flooding in a Three-Zone Composite Reservoir

Kang, Xiaodong (CNOOC) | Zeng, Yang (CNOOC) | Zhang, Jian (CNOOC) | Tang, Engao (CNOOC) | Wei, Zhijie (CNOOC) | Cheng, Shiqing (China University of Petroleum)


Alternating high and low concentration polymer flooding has been proposed and applied in some offshore oilfields to improve polymer flooding efficiency, but the research of pressure analysis in alternating polymer flooding reservoir is rare, this work presents a numerical pressure analysis method of three-zone composite model for formation evaluation. The type curves have seven regimes in three-zone composite model. The characteristic is the obvious upturn of pressure derivative curve in transient regime between high concentration and low concentration polymer solution. Formation parameters can be interpreted by history matching and formation evaluation can be conducted based on this model. As an important part of formation evaluation, formation damage as a result of adsorption of polymers in porous media is evaluated by comparing the interpreted permeability with the original value before polymer flooding. The field test data proves that this proposed method can accurately evaluate reservoir characteristics in alternating polymer flooding reservoirs, which emphasizes the potential application of this method in petroleum industry.