A Combined Laboratory and Field Approach to Optimize Scale Inhibition Placement Via Fracturing in Krasnoleninskoe Field, Russia

Yakimov, S.. (TNK-BP) | Mukhametshin, M.. (TNK-BP) | Sosenko, O.. (TNK-BP) | Sadykov, A.. (Schlumberger) | Levanyuk, O.. (Schlumberger) | Oparin, M.. (Schlumberger) | Gromakovsky, D.. (Schlumberger) | Mullen, K.. (Schlumberger) | Lungwitz, B.. (Schlumberger) | Fu, D.. (Schlumberger) | Mauth, K.. (Schlumberger)


Abstract Scale formation and accumulation is a major concern for Russian production companies. In Western Siberia, most wells produce fluids via Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP), and it is believed that up to 30% of the ESP failures result from scale damage. Despite that scaling is commonly first recognized at the ESPs, it can ultimately affect the whole production system. The most efficient treatment strategy to prevent scale induced damage in the tubular, including ESP, is scale inhibition. Traditionally, this involves an inhibitor squeeze treatment which is a localized inhibitor placement covering the near-wellbore area or the continuous injection of the inhibitor via a capillary tube. However, these techniques are designed to protect the production system. Squeeze treatments in hydraulically fractured formations are not always effective. Scale inhibitors together with compatible borate fracturing fluids can be used for a more effective scale inhibitor placement throughout the created hydraulic fracture to prevent scale formation from the reservoir level to the production system. This technique combines hydraulic fracturing and scale inhibition into one treatment resulting in operational simplicity. Since 2008, the combined fracturing/scale treatments have been successfully applied in the Krasnoleninskoe oil field in Western Siberia. This paper outlines the learning procedure and presents designs, testing and monitoring results from the campaign conducted at Krasnoleninskoe oil field (including Talinskaya and Em-Egovskaya sections).

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