A Semianalytical Model for Horizontal-Well Productivity With Pressure Drop Along the Wellbore

Luo, Wanjing (China University of Geosciences) | Tang, Changfu (Anhui Provincial Bureau of Coal Geology) | Feng, Yin (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)



This study aims to develop a semianalytical model to calculate the productivity index (PI) of a horizontal well with pressure drop along the wellbore. It has been indicated that by introducing novel definitions of horizontal-well permeability and conductivity, the equation of fluid flow along a horizontal well with pressure drop has the same form as the one for fluid flow in a varying-conductivity fracture. Thus, the varying-conductivity-fracture model and PI model can be used to obtain the PI of a horizontal well. Results indicate that the PI of a horizontal well depends on the interaction between horizontal-well conductivity, penetration ratio, and Reynolds number. New type curves of the penetration ratios with various combinations of parameters have been presented. A complete-penetration zone and a partial-penetration zone can be identified on the type curves. Based on the type curves, two examples have also been presented to illustrate the advantages of this work in optimizing parameters of horizontal wells.