Achieving Cementing Improvement in Horizontal Tight Gas Field Development

Ariyanto, Pungki (BP Exploration (Epsilon)) | Najwani, Mohamed Ahmed (BP) | Najwani, Yaseen (BP Exploration Co. Ltd.) | Al Lawati, Hani (BP) | Pfeiffer, Jochen (BP) | Al Abri, Muna (BP)


This paper outlines how a drilling team is meeting the challenge of cementing a production liner in deep horizontal drain sections in a tight sandstone reservoir. It is intended to show how the application of existing technologies and processes is leading to performance gain and improvements in cementing quality. The full field development plan of the tight reservoir gas project in the Sultanate of Oman is based on drilling around 300 wells targeting gas producing horizons at measured depths of around 6,000m MD with 1,000m horizontal sections. Effective cement placement for zonal isolation is critical across the production liner in order to contain fracture propagation in the correct zone. The first few attempts to cement the production liner in these wells had to overcome many challenges before finally achieving the well objectives. By looking at the complete system, rather than just the design of the cement slurry, the following criteria areas were identified: - Slurry design - Mud removal and cement slurry placement - Liner hanger and float equipment Improvements have been made in each of these areas, and the result has been delivery of a succesfully optimised liner cementing design for all future horizontal wells.