Extended-Reach Drilling To Maximize Recovery From a Mature Asset: A Case Study

Muecke, Nick (Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia) | Wroth, Andrew (Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia) | Zharkeshov, Sanzhar (Merlin ERD Limited) | Anton, Richard (Merlin ERD Limited) | McCourt, Iain (Merlin ERD Limited) | Armstrong, Neil (Merlin ERD Limited)


N. Muecke and A. Wroth, Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia; and S. Zharkeshov, R. Anton, I. McCourt, and N. Armstrong, Merlin ERD Limited Summary This paper shows how the implementation of a continuous-improvement process, in combination with precampaign-engineering and planning-optimization efforts, allowed the operator to expand the existing drilling-and-completion envelope in a mature offshore field. This provided a cost-effective means to access the remaining attic and undrained oil in a very shallow reservoir. Application of new technology, extended-reach-drilling (ERD) practices, complex completions, detailed engineering, good-quality real-time data, and execution support at the rigsite drove the evolution of well designs for the operator during the last 8 years, enabling the life of this mature asset to be extended. This paper highlights the evolutionary process applied to enable economic infield development, with an emphasis on relevant transferable learnings that might be ...