Integrated Study of an Eagle Ford Shale Play Using a Variety of Seismic Attributes

Wang, Joanne (Paradigm Geophysical) | Dopkin, Duane (Paradigm Geophysical) | Kelvin, Richard (Seitel)



Seismic data carries important information on subsurface geology and rock properties. When properly processed, imaged and analyzed, the seismic data becomes a vital source of information for the characterization and assessment of shale heterogeneity, in-situ stress and brittle/ductile quality. Applying established and recently developed technologies, we generate, visualize, and map structural attributes, frequency dependent attributes, stress attributes and rock property attributes. The process of integrated analysis and interpretation of these attributes is the key to understanding the target shale formation, identifying and ranking the prospects, and making seismic data more relevant in the exploration and exploitation of shale resource plays.