Characterizing a Cardium waterflood via 3-C–3D land surface seismic: The Washout Creek experience

Perz, Michael (TGS) | Chopra, Satinder (TGS) | Sharma, Ritesh (TGS) | Cary, Peter (TGS) | Li, Xinxiang (Arcis Seismic Solutions) | Ohlhauser, Wendy (Arcis Seismic Solutions) | Pike, Kimberly (PennWest) | Creaser, Brian (Enerplus) | Nemati, M. Hossein (Arcis)


A high-effort, multicomponent 3C3D seismic data set was acquired over a mature oil field in central Alberta in order to better understand the characteristics of a waterflood operation. True-amplitude processing of the data was undertaken, and joint PP-PS prestack impedance inversion reveals a pronounced set of anomalous low-impedance lineaments at the target level which exhibit a very strong spatial correlation with known water injector locations. Rock physics modeling demonstrates that fluid pressure effects are heavily influencing the seismic response in the vicinity of the injectors, and are accounting for the observed low-impedance anomalies. Analysis of injection and production data suggests that the seismic data can play a vital role in identifying zones of unswept pay in this area.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 17, 2016

Start Time: 1:00:00 PM

Location: 156

Presentation Type: ORAL