Experimental Investigation of the Feasibility of Polymer Flooding in a Shallow Niger Delta Oil Reservoir

Ogienagbon, Adijat (Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Benin) | Taiwo, Oluwaseun Ayodele (Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Benin) | Mamudu, Abbas (Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Benin) | Olafuyi, Olalekan (Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Benin)



The global oil price as well as Nigeria’s current reserve is on a continuous alarming decline. With the increasing finding cost of new wells and demand for energy, improving oil recovery from existing wells becomes highly pertinent. Generally, waterflooding leaves approximately two thirds of the OIIP as un-swept or residual oil resulting to a low recovery factor. The improvement of recovery factor is one of the identified five Research & Development (R&D) grand challenges or upstream business needs highlighted by the SPE R & D committee. Enhanced Oil recovery (EOR) methods provide an avenue to Petroleum engineers to unravel this challenge. In lieu of this, we investigated the feasibility of improving recovery with polymer flooding technique in the Niger Delta region of the Sub-Sahara Africa. A sequence of brine saturation, oil saturation, water flooding and polymer flooding was carried out on four different cores (core A, B, T & R). Core A & B are ROBU cores (specially manufactured synthetic cores), T is Bentheimer core and while R is a reservoir rock core sample from a shallow central Onshore Niger Delta reservoir.

The results show comparative responsiveness of oil recovery to polymer flooding by the various core samples. Core samples T & R are good candidates for polymer flooding having produced 21.28% & 13.33% after polymer flooding. Model Bentheimer rock sample (T) which has close petro-physical properties to that of the case studied reservoir has the highest displacement efficiency of 52.63%. The core flood analysis demonstrated that polymer flooding could improve oil recovery within the Central Onshore reservoir of the Niger Delta.