Power Law Concept on Darcy's Flow Model: A New Approach for Analysing Gas/Condensate Well Deliverability

Livinus, A. (Federal University of Technology, Owerri) | Obah, B. (Federal University of Technology, Owerri)


The new approach will provide a single and useful tool for estimating gas/condensate well productivity. The productivity of gas and oil well plays an important role in gas and oil field development, particularly gas Introduction condensate well that is characterised by severe loss of well deliverability due to liquid drop out below the dew Evaluation of well productivity is necessary for the point, and for establishing field proration schedules planning and development of gas/condensate reservoirs, and setting maximum allowable production rates for and for establishing field proration schedules and individual wells by regulatory agencies. Houpeurt setting maximum allowable production rates for wells equation and Rawlins-Schellhardt equation are the under specific reservoir conditions. In the natural gas most widely used gas deliverability equations by industry, engineers mostly used the Rawlins-engineers. Although the Houpeurt equation has a Schellhardt equation and Houpeurt to estimate the theoretical basis and is rigorously correct, the equation production capabilities of gas wells. The standard dry assumes that Darcy's law is still valid under high gas flow equations based on flow-after-flow, isochronal velocity of gas flow and that an additional term must be and modified isochronal testing have also been used to added to account for the increased pressure drop. The analyze the gas condensate well productivity when the Rawlins-Schellhardt equation still continues to be used retrograde condensate is viewed immobile at reservoir by the natural gas industry, however it was empirically conditions. Rawlings and Schellhardt (1936) put formulated and the deliverability plot is traditionally forward the empirical equation (1) after they observed reversed in order to estimate the deliverability that a log-log plot of the difference between the squares exponent.

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