Gas Assisted Gravity Drainage GAGD for Improving Recovery from a Field in North-East India

Baruah, Nabajit (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation) | Mandal, Dipak (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation) | Jena, Smita Swarupa (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation) | Sahu, Sunil Kumar (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation)


This paper examines the prospect of Gas Assisted Gravity Drainage (GAGD) process in improving recovery from a sandstone reservoir by injecting produced gas back into the crestal part of the reservoir. Besides recovery improvement, immiscible gas injection ensures near Zero Flaring strategy. The process has been found to be ideal in reservoirs with high permeability and reasonable dip to maximize oil production wherever a sufficient gas source exists. Based on the study, gas injection is recommended at the crestal part of the reservoir under study at the rate equivalent to the produced gas to maintain pressure, arrest gas cap shrinkage and improve recovery.