Technical-Economic Evaluation of Microfiltration Polymeric Membranes as Pretreatment of Offshore Sulfate Removal Units

Santos, Tais Neno dos (UFRJ/EQ) | Yokoyama, Lidia (UFRJ/EQ) | Lage, Gustavo Garios (Petrobras)


Abstract A technical-economic research was done evaluating microfiltration polymeric membranes and cartridge filters as pretreatment of Sulfate Removal Units (SRU). These units were installed in a Stationary Production Unit (SPU) to reduce the concentration of sulfate from seawater (injection water in Enhanced Oil Recovery). The use of seawater with low sulfate in enhanced oil recovery reduces the risk of sulfate deposits during the oil production. Ten companies from different nationalities involved in the industrial water treatment and manufacturing of polymeric membranes sector, have contributed to this comparative research (only a preliminary stage of the future study with qualitative and quantitative analyses). This paper shows that polymeric microfiltration is more advantageous because reduce operational costs and microbiological contamination resulting in a lower risk of biofouling. It also improves the quality of treated water, increases the operational stability and availability of the injection water, extending the lifetime of the nanofiltration polymeric membranes.

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