HSE Enhancements in Campos Basin

Harres, D. A. (PETROBRAS) | Mariano, I. A. (PETROBRAS) | Sant Ana, T. D. (PETROBRAS) | Deodoro, B. A. (PETROBRAS) | Junior, D. L. Fonseca (PETROBRAS) | Ferreira, J. P. (PETROBRAS) | Faria, A. A. (PETROBRAS)


Several actions have been implemented to strengthen process safety and improve safety culture involving Petrobras' E&P activities in the Campos Basin - Brazil, such as Process Safety Program, Strategic Project Excellence in HSE, Evaluation of HSE Management, improvement of standards and procedures, creation of HSE Management Manual and E&P Safety Manual, among others. Additionally, at regulatory sphere, new operational safety regulations were established by the Brazilian National Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP; most acronyms derived from respective Portuguese expressions, throughout this paper), such as the Operational Safety Management System, Technical Regulation of the Subsea Systems Operational Safety Management System and Well Integrity Management System. More than 400 million men-hour exposed to risk were employed on Petrobras offshore production facilities operations (owned and contractors, except drilling and logistics) in Campos Basin between 2010 and 2017. This number represents an increase of 43% when compared to previous decade, but the rate of time-lost injuries and recordable incidents decreased about 20% in the same period. All actions allowed a significant reduction in number of casualties in Petrobras offshore facilities operations - 01 casualty in the period. Many other actions were deployed at drilling and logistics operations, also helping to achieve the reduction of accidents goals. Aviation's Safety Case, for instance, involves several actions, from helicopters' companies, passing by airports, up to helidecks and offshore crew. This work presents the main implemented programs and actions, as well as the challenges to comply with the various applicable laws, and the search for the zero accident objective in oil and gas production activities in the Campos Basin.