Opportunity Assessment of a Deep Extra Heavy Oil Green Field: Scenarios for Life Cycle Cost Optimization Under Uncertainty and Risk

Ortiz-Volcan, J. L. (Kuwait Oil Company) | Ahmed, K. (Kuwait Oil Company) | Azim, S. (Kuwait Oil Company) | Issa, Y. (Kuwait Oil Company) | Pandit, R. (Kuwait Oil Company) | Al-Jasmi, A. K. (Kuwait Oil Company) | Hassan, M. O. (Kuwait Oil Company) | Sanyal, A. (Kuwait Oil Company) | Taduri, S. (Kuwait Gulf Oil Company)


Selecting the optimum combination of technologies is a critical and challenging activity while conducting the opportunity assessment under high levels of uncertainty in a deep ( 9000 feet) extra heavy oil green field transitioning between appraisal and development phases. Low mobility requires enhanced oil recovery to be addressed early in the life of the field, so selected wells can be drilled and completed in selected locations to reduce uncertainty about producibility and flow assurance. This paper presents a practical approach to opportunity assessment based on Front End Loading (FEL) methodology, with three major steps: 1. Evaluation of known data, determination of complexities, uncertainties and risks by benchmarking with selected field analogs, 2. Identification of all potential technology options and 3. Definition of feasible appraisal and development scenarios and a high-level road map including estimates of life cycle cost opportunities for optimization. We found reservoir static complexity medium, well complexity low, and reservoir dynamic complexity high. FEL definition indices for reservoir and well indicated low reservoir definition and acceptable index for wells.