Estimating velocity and Q by fractional Laplacian constant-Q wave equation-based full-waveform inversion

Chen, Hanming (China University of Petroleum–Beijing) | Zhou, Hui (China University of Petroleum–Beijing)


We propose to estimate velocity and seismic quality factor (Q) by using a time-domain viscoacoustic full waveform inversion (FWI) method. A newly developed fractional Laplacian constant-Q (CQ) wave equation is used as the forward modeling kernel in FWI. The adjoint operator and gradients for updating velocity and Q are derived in this abstract. We adopt a convolution-based objective function to remove the source wavelet effect on inversion result, thus we do not need to know the exact source wavelet or estimate the source wavelet before implementing FWI in our method. To improve computational efficiency of our viscoacoustic FWI, we apply the plane-wave inversion scheme to reduce the amount of data to invert. A synthetic data example using the Marmousi model verifies that our method can rebuild both velocity and Q models with a high resolution.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Start Time: 9:45 AM

Location: Exhibit Hall C/D

Presentation Type: POSTER