Increasing Oil Recovery by Preventing Early Water and Gas Breakthrough in a West Brae Horizontal Well: A Case History

Augustine, Jody R. (Baker Oil Tools) | McIntyre, Alistair (Marathon Intl. Petr. Ltd.) | Adam, Ross James (Amerada Hess Corp.) | Laidlaw, Duncan (Baker Oil Tools)


The well was a sidetrack in an existing well. A window was milled in the 9-5/8" casing from 4,124 ft to 4,211 ft. A 7-5/8" 29 lb/ft liner was run through the milled window and the casing shoe set at a depth of 7,820 ft. The initial 6-1/2" open hole was plugged back from 7,525 ft to 8,125 ft due to the amount of shale that was encountered during drilling operations. An open hole sidetrack was performed and TD on the open hole section was reached at 12,137 ft.