Mature Field Revitalisation: An Integrated, Rapid, Collaborative Approach for Candidate Selection and Reservoir Optimization

Mazzlan, Khairul Akmal (PETRONAS) | Chia, Mabel Pei Chuen (PETRONAS) | Tamin, Muhammad (PETRONAS) | Tugimin, M Azri B A (PETRONAS) | Azlan, Ali Al-Amani (PETRONAS) | Michael, Lester Tugung (Schlumberger) | Sepulveda, Willem (Schlumberger) | Cortez V., Juan L. (Schlumberger) | Muhamed Salim, Muzahidin (Schlumberger) | Kalidas, Sanggeetha (Schlumberger) | Chan, Nathanael Vui Kit (Schlumberger) | Biniwale, Shripad (Schlumberger) | Serbini, Feroney (Schlumberger) | Mohd Arifin, Azahari (Schlumberger) | Tan, Tina Lee Ting (Schlumberger) | Tee, Karen Ying Chiao (Schlumberger)



‘S’ field is a mature oilfield located offshore Sabah, Malaysia. As part of the redevelopment plan, ‘S’ field was the first field selected for an end-to-end asset management Integrated Operations (IO project) where multiple workflows have been implemented for the asset operation optimization through monitoring and surveillance. One of the exclusive workflow that will be further elaborated in this paper is on Candidate Selection and Reservoir Optimization.

Although field optimization mission was ongoing, proper knowledge capture and standardization of such techniques were not adequate due to the limited data management. Lack of decision-support mechanism and most importantly the challenge was of understanding and analysing the asset performance. A key to the success of field and reservoir optimization is defining a tailored approach, for selection of right candidate and collaborative decision for well/field intervention.

With an objective of full field revitalization, the project was focused on integrated, collaborative 3R approach – Reliability, Reusability and Repeatability. Reliability component was based on capturing knowledge from experienced professionals from various domains and blending that with traditionally proven analytical techniques. Reusability was emphasized by the development of consistent and robust analysis workflows ready to use. Repeatability was aiming at standardizing the process of candidate selection and decision making to assist junior engineers.