The Nuclear Energy Agency Contribution to Nuclear Materials Performance Knowledge Preservation

Lydell, B. O. Y. (SIGMA-PHASE INC.) | Riznic, J. (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) | Nevander, O. (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency)


Lydell SIGMA-PHASE INC. 16917 S. Orchid Flower Trail Vail, AZ 85641 USA O. Nevander OECD Nuclear Energy Agency 46, quai Alphonse Le Gallo 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt France J. Riznic Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 280 Slater Street Ottawa, ON K1P 5S9 Canada Abstract The goal of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) ( in the area of nuclear safety and regulation is to assist its member countries in ensuring high standards of safety in the use of nuclear energy, by supporting the development of effective and efficient regulation and oversight of nuclear installations, and by helping to maintain and advance the scientific and technological knowledge base. The Agency's joint projects and information exchange programs enable interested countries, on a cost-sharing basis, to pursue research and the sharing of data with respect to particular areas or problems. The projects are carried out under the auspices, and with the support, of the NEA. Such projects, primarily in the areas of nuclear safety and waste management, are one of the NEA's major strengths. Since 2002, the NEA operates an international database on materials performance issues. The "Component Operational Experience, Degradation & Ageing Programme" (CODAP) has been established to encourage multilateral cooperation in the collection and analysis of data relating to degradation and failure of metallic piping and non-piping metallic passive components in commercial nuclear power plants. The Project is organised under the OECD/NEA Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI). Key words: Piping operating experience data, material degradation mechanisms, degradation mitigation strategies, knowledge preservation & transfer.