Modeling pore pressure evolution in organic shale under the effect of maturation

Qin, Xuan (University of Houston) | Han, De-Hua (University of Houston) | Zhao, Luanxiao (Tongji University)


We devise a workflow to model the pore pressure increase in organic shale to better characterize the shale reservoirs. In particular, the proposed model considers the microstructure in organic shale and the volume fraction variations of rock components during the maturation. The pore pressure increase is solved based on the compressibility and volumes of pore space and pore fluids. Our modeling results agree that the evolution of organic shale’s rock-physics property during kerogen maturation is consistent with fluid expansion model that sonic velocity decrease while density changes little when unloading occurs.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Start Time: 8:30:00 AM

Location: 202A (Anaheim Convention Center)

Presentation Type: Oral