Risk reduction and accelerating drill or drop decisions using DHI and AVO anomalies: A case study from the Nyk High, NCS

Raya, Pierre-Yves (Wintershall Norge) | Brown, Peter (ION) | Singh, Jeet (ION) | Greenwood, Stuart (ION) | Raffle, James (ION) | O’Driscoll, Ross (ION)


In 2016, Wintershall Norge AS and PL847 partners were awarded a production license covering blocks 6706/5 and 6706/6 of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The area is located in the Vøring Basin on the Nagflar Dome, north of the Hel Graben. The Aasta Hansteen gas development is located approximately 60 kilometres to the South.

Four Upper Cretaceous prospects have been identified in addition to the Hvitveis discovery. Hvitveis is a faulted 4-way dip closure. Marisko, and the three other prospects are tilted fault blocks. The proven reservoir in Hvitveis and the targeted reservoir in the prospects are sands of the Upper Cretaceous Nise Fm level (Figure 1).

All recent discoveries at the Nyk High and Vema Dome show flat spots or amplitude anomalies related to hydrocarbon fill. In the Greater Aasta Hansteen area, the reservoir properties are generally good, with porosity values exceeding 30% and permeabilities in the Darcy range. However, in the Hvitveis discovery well 6706/6-1, the reservoir properties are much poorer with an average porosity of 15% and estimated permeability values ranging from very tight to 5mD. These poor reservoir properties could partly explain why no obvious flat-spot or hydrocarbon related amplitudes anomalies were observed in Hvitveis or in the four other prospects on the vintage seismic at the time of the application.

The initial part of the work program was a re-processing of the available 3D seismic to identify potential direct hydrocarbon indicators and allow a more detailed interpretation and understanding of reservoir distribution. To address these goals, a Pre-Stack Depth Migration was run using a dataset re-processed with the latest de-multiple and de-ghosting technology.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 15, 2018

Start Time: 1:50:00 PM

Location: 206A (Anaheim Convention Center)

Presentation Type: Oral

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