Wave Forces Acting On Armor Unit of a Submerged Wide-Crown Breakwater

Rufin, Teofilo Monge (Nagoya University) | Mizutani, Norimi (Nagoya University) | Totsuka, Natsuko (Nagoya University) | Kurata, Katsuhiko (Toyo Const. Ltd) | Iwata, Koichiro (Nagoya University)


ABSTRACT The pertinent characteristics of wave forces acting on different shapes of lubble stones of a submerged wide-crown breakwater and the applicability of Morison equation were analyzed experimentally in tills paper. In general, the variations of the maximum wave forces with distance from the leading crown-edge are similar to that of the water particle velocities. Regardless of stone shape, the maximum wave force IS located near the crown-edge of the structure Thus, the vicinity around the leading crown-edge was confirmed to be the most critical location of the submerged Wide-crown breakwater. Moreover, Monson equation was revealed to be applicable in the estimation of the horizontal wave force In non-embedded condition when × / L ≤ 0.2. INTRODUCTION In a recent study conducted, remarkable number of beaches are rapidly disappearing due to beach erosion. And because of these findings, the installation of submerged breakwater in the prevention of beach erosion and other related coastal disasters is notably increasing Submerged breakwater IS one type of coastal structure that can compensate the dements on some coastal amenities brought by other types of breakwaters. This structure assists in the maintenance of aesthetic ocean view and in the preservation of environmental quality of sheltered water. In the design of submerged breakwater, the knowledge on the stability of the armor unit is of prime importance. The critical stable weight of the armor unit depends largely on the acting wave forces. A thorough knowledge of the mechanism and fundamental characteristics of the wave forces acting on armor unit is of considerable engineering importance due to its practical application m the design and construction of coastal structures. Just recently, a stability model for spherical armor unit is proposed (Mizutarn et al, 1992, Rufin et al, 1993) by considering the acting wave forces.

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