Lithofacies Discrimination Using Support Vector Machines, Rock Physics and Simultaneous Seismic Inversion in Clastic Reservoirs in the Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela

Torres, Atilio (Universidad Central de Venezuela) | Reveron, Jorge (PDVSA-Intevep) | Infante, Juan (Universidad Central de Venezuela)


Summary Lithologic discrimination was performed in clastic reservoirs in Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela, integrating rock physics, simultaneous seismic inversion and support vector machines. The rock physics analysis allowed to obtain relation between lithologic facies and elastic properties in reservoirs. Subsequently, through simultaneous seismic inversion was possible to generate P and S wave impedances and density volumes. Finally, combining the previous two points was generated a lithofacies volume using the algorithm of support vector machines as classification tool. Results of this study permitted to identify reservoir pay zones.