Application of seismic attenuation analysis in prediction of carbonate reservoirs

Pang, Mengqiang (Hohai University) | Ba, Jing (Hohai University) | Yu, Cun (Hohai University) | Zhou, Jian (Hohai University) | Wang, Enjiang (Hohai University) | Jiang, Ren (China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, Langfang Branch)


The attenuation (Q−1) of medium is a parameter more sensitive to pore fluid than seismic velocities for gas-bearing reservoirs, thus accurate estimation of seismic attenuation is very meaningful for exploration of natural gas reservoirs. In this paper, we used the quality factor to carry out the seismic identification of carbonate reservoirs and estimate the Q values point by point of the target layer by using S transform and improved frequency shift method. In addition, the two-dimensional Q profiles of some survey lines and the three-dimensional Q section of the whole area were extracted. The results show that the Q value is low in the gas-bearing area with high-porosity, and the attenuation is anomalously high. And in the non-gas-bearing area with low-porosity, the Q value is higher, with no attenuation anomaly. The analysis method of attenuation effectively reflects the absorption characteristics and gas-bearing differences of the stratum, and can be effectively used in reservoir prediction.

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