Developing a Sustainable HSE Culture - Learnings from the Corrib HSE Journey

Trench, Jarlath (Shell E&P Ireland Ltd) | Colleran, Peter



The Corrib Project is one of Shell's longer running construction projects. In the last 10 years Shell E&P Ireland Ltd (SEPIL) has worked with many contractors and has been exposed to varying levels of HSE performance. Working on HSE Culture during the project phase is always challenging, but when the project extends for over a decade the learnings can be countless. This paper shares our experiences of what worked well / not so well, and what we believe are the key enablers to creating a Goal Zero culture.

SEPIL implemented many processes, programs, initiatives, etc. to drive the Corrib HSE Culture. Highlights include

Leadership engagement evolved over the project duration from game changing ‘Directors HSE Engagement Sessions’ led by the Project Director to Asset Leadership Workshops where leaders developed internally driven "I" statements on how they will change their personal behaviour, or show up as a Safety leader.

Intervention Training is key, as the co-worker is normally the person best placed to prevent an incident. Training aimed to empower workers to intervene confidently with all parties on site. Training was initially conducted using external consultants but evolved over time to on-site personnel delivering the training themselves.

A ‘Safety Starts with Me’ campaign (18 months) to reinforce that ownership for HSE is at the front line and to seek more support from the workforce. The campaign included "Mystery Visitors" to artificially break minor safety rules in order to provoke intervention from the workforce and assess the willingness of the workforce to intervene.

Road Safety Programs led by a Road Safety Task Force. Programs adopted include free defensive driving training, road safety DVD's (for local roads), stand downs and in-vehicle monitoring systems.

Activity Safety Review Panels for all non-routine construction operations. This Shell process, where the contractor presents their HSE Plan in detail, was used across the board from seismic to tunnelling and added significantly to the safety performance within the Company.

Developing a behavioural safety culture or HSE Culture takes years. There are no short-cuts. Key challenges we recognize are:

A "sheep dip approach" doesn't work.

The task force approach works. On a project with over 20 million km driven we saw road traffic incidents fall from being a regular occurrence to zero incidents.

Early intervention / involvement of contractor companies to get their buy-in is key. Company / Contractor leadership engagement is critical.

Interventions are very personal; some individuals like them and can do them, some don't and can't.

Location specific tailored HSE training programs delivered by the in-house HSE team and workforce are as good as any consultants.

Useful Safety Observation programs rely on an agreed purpose for the programs, support from Senior Leaders and trust.