The impact of prerequisites (ghosts, source wavelet, and radiation pattern) on the inverse scattering series free-surface multiple-elimination algorithm

Yang, Jinlong (SINOPEC Geophysical Research Institute) | Weglein, Arthur (University of Houston)


The inverse scattering series (ISS) free-surface multiple elimination algorithm has certain prerequisites: (1) removing the reference wavefield, (2) estimation of source wavelet and radiation pattern, and (3) source and receiver deghosting. In this abstract, the impact of prerequisites (2) and (3) on the ISS free-surface multiple elimination algorithm (Carvalho, 1992; Weglein et al., 1997) is discussed. To improve the ISS multiple predication, the algorithm is also modified and extended to accommodate the source radiation pattern. That radiation pattern accommodation can provide added value compared to previous methods that assumed an isotropic point source for predicting amplitude and phase of free-surface multiples. All these prerequisites can be provided by Green’s theorem methods without requiring subsurface information. They are consistent with the ISS free-surface multiple elimination algorithm. The new extended ISS algorithm that accommodates the source radiation pattern is tested on a 1D acoustic model, and the results indicate that the new extended ISS free-surface multiple elimination algorithm can predict more accurate results in comparison with methods without that accommodation when the source has a radiation pattern. This increased effectiveness in prediction is essential for removing free-surface multiples that are proximal or interfering with primaries (or other multiples).

Presentation Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Start Time: 4:10:00 PM

Location: Lobby D/C

Presentation Type: POSTER