Exploring For Geothermal Reservoirs Using Broadband 2-D MT And Gravity In Hungary

He, Lanfang (BGP) | He, Zhanxiang (BGP) | Strack, Kurt (KMS Technologies) | Allegar, Norman (KMS Technologies) | Yu, Gang (KMS Technologies) | Tulinius, Helga (VGK) | Ádám, László (VGK) | Halldórsdóttir, Heiða (VGK)



Geothermal energy is playing a larger role as an alternative energy source for both electricity generation and for space heating. Magnetotelluric (MT) and gravity surveys were conducted throughout Hungary in basins which were felt to be prospective for geothermal exploration. Integrated interpretations of this data have identified new drilling opportunities. The success of these surveys has resulted in additional 2D MT and gravity data acquisition and the onset of a drilling program to evaluate the identified geothermal potential.