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Developing a corporate safety attitude to reduce and hopefully eliminate injuries, accidents and releases of toxic chemicals has been practiced for many years. The activities and technologies described below are interconnected with other safety approaches; however it is useful to consider them separately since they are primarily associated with different parts of most jobs. This program was based partially on the ides of a safety pyramid (Figure 1), with the goal of eliminating the root causes of injuries and accidents by eliminating the un-safe acts themselves. These types of programs traditionally use industry standards driven by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)[2] which have been used to classify safety events that are based on the treatment and/or restrictions of the injured person. The treatment-based approach can have some limitations due to the intense focus on administrative reporting (i.e., is the incident recordable or not?) and incident escalation management, the approach does not naturally resonate with workforce members to enable desired cultural changes.

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