Porosity for resource in place calculations - PetroWiki


The accurate calculation of porosity at the wellbore is essential for an accurate calculation of original oil in place (OOIP) or original gas in place (OGIP) throughout the reservoir. The porosity and its distribution also need to be calculated as accurately as possible because they are almost always directly used in the water saturation (Sw) and permeability calculations and, possibly, in the net pay calculations. In most OOIP and OGIP studies, only the gross-rock-volume uncertainties have a greater influence on the result than porosity does. Occasionally, where porosity estimates are difficult, porosity is the leading uncertainty. Fractured and clay-mineral-rich reservoirs remain a challenge. For this discussion, it is assumed that the core data have been properly adjusted to reservoir conditions, that the data from various logs have been reviewed and validated as needed, and that all of the required depth-alignment work has been completed.