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The Empire Abo field, located in New Mexico, US, covers 11,000 acres (12.5 miles long by 1.5 miles wide) and contains approximately 380 million stock tank barrels (STB) of original oil in place (OOIP).[1][2] This reservoir is a dolomitized reef structure (Figure 1) with a dip angle of 10 to 20 from the crest toward the fore reef. The oil column is approximately 900 ft thick, but the average net pay is only 151 ft thick. The pore system of this reservoir is a network of vugs, fractures, and fissures because the primary pore system has been so altered by dolomitization; the average log-calculated porosity was 6.4% BV. Numerical simulations of field performance and routine core analysis data have indicated that the horizontal and vertical permeabilities are about equal.

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