PEH:Reservoir Simulation


Any reservoir simulator consists of n m equations for each of N active gridblocks comprising the reservoir. These equations represent conservation of mass of each ofn components in each gridblock over a timestep Δt from tn to tn 1 . The firstn (primary) equations simply express conservation of mass for each of n components such as oil, gas, methane, CO2, and water, denoted by subscript I 1,2,…,n. In the thermal case, one of the "components" is energy and its equation expresses conservation of energy. An additional m (secondary or constraint) equations express constraints such as equal fugacities of each component in all phases where it is present, and the volume balanceSw So Sg Ssolid 1.0, whereS solid represents any immobile phase such as precipitated solid salt or coke. There must be n m variables (unknowns) corresponding to these n m equations. For example, consider the isothermal, three-phase, compositional case with all components present in all three phases.

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