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This seminar will teach participants how to identify, evaluate, and quantify risk and uncertainty in everyday oil and gas economic situations. It reviews the development of pragmatic tools, methods, and understandings for professionals that are applicable to companies of all sizes. The seminar also briefly reviews statistics, the relationship between risk and return, and hedging and future markets. Strategic thinking and planning are key elements in an organisation’s journey to maximise value to shareholders, customers, and employees. Through this workshop, attendees will go through the different processes involved in strategic planning including the elements of organisational SWOT, business scenario and options development, elaboration of strategic options and communication to stakeholders. Examples are provided including corporate, business unit and department case studies. Safety leadership focuses on the Human Factors (HF) which complement technical training to optimise reliability, safety, compliance, efficiency, and risks within a team-based environment. The IOGP laid down the HF skills and competencies required, and they form the basis for specialised O&G HF training's delivered by Mission Performance. This 1-day course reviews the key human factors but then also reviews what can be done to accelerate and scale operational roll-out for optimum and sustained impact, including integration with existing safety processes and (reporting) systems, refreshers, assessments, measurements, as well as the role of leadership and culture. Decisions in E&P ventures are affected by Bias, Blindness, and Illusions (BBI) which permeate our analyses, interpretations and decisions. This one-day course examines the influence of these cognitive pitfalls and presents techniques that can be used to mitigate their impact. Bias refers to errors in thinking whereby interpretations and judgments are drawn in an illogical fashion.

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