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Africa (Sub-Sahara) BG Group discovered gas in the Taachui-1 well and sidetrack in Block 1, offshore Tanzania. The drillship Deepsea Metro Idrilled Taachui-1 close to the western boundary of Block 1, then sidetracked the well and drilled to a total depth of 4215 m. The well encountered gas in a single gross column of 289 m within the targeted Cretaceous reservoir interval. Net pay totaled 155 m. Estimates of the mean recoverable gas resources are around 1 Tcf. Statoil (65%) and co-venturer ExxonMobil (35%) made a sixth discovery--the Piri-1 well--in Block 2 offshore Tanzania. Piri-1 was drilled by drillship Discoverer Americas, at a water depth of 2360 m.

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