TWA Article SPE eMentoring Program Accelerates Global Oil and Gas Knowledge Transfer

Paulo Pires, Petrobras 

The so-called "hydrocarbon value chain" is an extremely complex business, from its beginnings in exploration to its end not only in delivery of the world's No. 1 energy source but also of a raw material that's part of almost every manufactured product. To be a top professional in this industry requires more than a strong technical background acquired from formal education; knowledge of industry culture and best practices is also critical. Our industry has a continuing struggle to keep pace with global energy demand. As a result, each year, the upstream industry hires substantial numbers of young professionals (YPs) who, although motivated and technically competent, still need contact with experienced professionals to acquire essential knowledge and skills. Ironically, our industry's well-known demographics indicate that the most experienced personnel are nearing retirement or assuming key management roles that may distance them from day-to-day technical roles.

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