JPT Seismic Stimulation: An Eco-Friendly, Effective EOR Alternative

Bill Wooden, Applied Seismic Research 

Environmental and economic ­concerns have led to an increased interest in seismic stimulation as an alternative enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methodology. Seismic stimulation, achievable with the implementation of a single tool, requires significantly lower investments than gas, thermal, and chemical injection methods, while making minimal environmental impact. Applied Seismic Research (ASR), based in McKinney, Texas, has placed more than 200 of its proprietary seismic stimulation tools in more than 50 locations, including fields in Arkansas, California, Canada, Egypt, Kansas, Mexico, Oklahoma, Oman, and Texas. This article will examine the operation of the tool and highlight the EOR results achieved in a variety of formations. Seismic stimulation is the harnessing of low-frequency, high-energy elastic waves to mobilize oil.