HSE Now Article Commercializing Flare Gas To Reduce Emissions and Develop Economies

United States Energy Association


Instead of being put to productive use, an estimated 140 billion m3 of associated gas (AG) is flared every year, equating to more than $10 billion of resource value. Flaring contributes approximately 350 million tons of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere annually, in some cases having been cited as having a negative effect on the health and livelihoods of local populations. While much progress has been made in recent years to reduce flaring, AG continues to be flared at thousands of oil production sites around the world. A further reduction may be achieved through a market-oriented approach to commercialization that can produce a win-win-win: for the oil producer, the buyer and seller, and the environment. The Difficulties in Commercializing AG AG is frequently viewed by oil producers as an unwanted byproduct of oil production.