JPT Hilcorp Gets Approval for First Oil Production Facility in Alaska's Federal Waters

Matt Zborowski, Technology Writer 

Liberty Island would resemble Hilcorp’s Northstar Island (pictured) located 31 miles to the northwest. Hilcorp has received long-awaited federal approval for its plan to build a 9-acre gravel island for drilling and production in the shallow waters of the Beaufort Sea. Liberty Island, to be located 5 miles offshore in 19 ft of water, would be the first oil and gas production facility in federal waters off Alaska. The industry has explored building a site there for more than 3 decades. It would be the fifth artificial island to operate off Alaska, with Hilcorp’s Northstar and Endicott Islands, Eni’s Spy Island, and Caelus Energy’s Oooguruk Island sitting in state waters.