SPE Hasanuddin University Student Chapter Empowers Local Community Sustainability Through the Mattampopale Project

The Way Ahead 

Aligned with SPE's objectives to support local communities, the Hasanuddin University Student Chapter established a strategic alliance with a local community in rural South Sulawesi, Indonesia. In the heart of the village, called the Green Valley, there is a crystalline river surrounded by beautiful vegetation with the sounds of chirping birds. The local community acknowledges the potential of this place as an ecotourism resource; however, they are conscious about the need for establishing a clear strategy to exploit the resources in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. With knowledge about the situation, the chapter brought additional resources to support the initiative and the community. Specifically, the students helped to map commercial and non-commercial areas/routes, as well as shared information on reforesting best practices and community-based safety management plan.

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