JPT EOR Operations

Stephen Goodyear, Manager, Gas Flood, Shell 

Carbon-dioxide (CO2) injection is a successful enhanced-oil-recovery (EOR) technology that has been deployed extensively in the Permian Basin of West Texas, enabled by CO2 mostly produced and transported from naturally occurring CO2 reservoirs in Colorado and New Mexico. Further expansion of CO2 EOR has been limited by the availability of affordable CO2 rather than the existence of suitable target reservoirs for redevelopment with CO2 EOR. The US Department of Energy estimates that 67 billion STB of economically recoverable next-generation CO2-EOR oil exist in US conventional reservoirs, with significant potential identified in other oil provinces around the world. This situation may be about to change. On 9 February, Congress passed and the president signed into law a budget agreement that included language to expand a 2009 tax credit for CO2 capture and storage known as 45Q.